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Shipping Info and Packaging


I want to keep the shipping costs as affordable as possible. I use An Post shipping with a tracking service. 

Shipping ranges on the size of the disc small, midi, medium and large.


Once I receive full payment with the additional shipping cost, I will personally pack the work myself. I double box all parcels as standard, whether within Ireland or abroad.


This means the piece you have bought is wrapped and secured in a sturdy box, which is then secured within an outer box for safer shipping.


I source all my packaging from local shops here in Skibbereen town, in West Cork. I prefer to reuse cardboard boxes, rather than they end up in landfill after just one use. I like to recycle as much as I can in my work, whether its clay scraps, packaging or thrown out electrical items for the cable wires.



If you would like to return your purchase within 14 days of delivery, I will give you a full refund. 

Please email me at before you ship the return.

I recommend you keep all packaging material and repack it exactly as it was delivered for the return transport. Please use a shipping service with tracking number(s) on the return item(s).

Once I receive the work(s) back undamaged, the refund will be made back into your account. 

Hanging the disc

I collect discarded sail canvas from boatyards in West Cork, and use it with metal rings for the hanging mechanism on the wall discs. Long screws are best to hang the discs. Use the appropriate screw type for your wall material, eg. wood, stone, etc and a screwdriver. Initially leave a lot of the screw body showing ( but enough to support the weight of the disc) The convex discs can be quite misleading as they look quite flat.

Ensure the metal hanging ring is leaning away from the disc body, then using both hands slide the disc down the wall until the metal ring touches the screw head. Gently rock the disc to ensure the disc has lodged onto the metal ring. The discs look best lying flat or flush to the wall. If the disc is not fully flat on the wall, remove it and turn the screw a little more into the wall.  Then rehang the disc.

Cleaning the disc

To clean the disc, wipe very gently with a damp cloth. 

Some discs may have fused materials on the surface. This is part of the happenstance nature of saggar firing. If the materials don´t come off easily in the initial cleaning, I choose to leave them alone. I  recommend very gentle wiping only if needed.

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